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In today’s ever changing business landscape, it is important for organizations to engage their workforce both intellectually and emotionally, more reason Successful companies large and small use mentoring to tackle complex human resource challenges such as increasing employee retention and improving workforce productivity.
Mentorship is one of the ways to ensure human capacity building. It works towards shaping the mind of people towards achieving success in life and by extension make positive impact towards developing the society.

At ProTeam Creations, understanding the importance of retaining an organization’s knowledge and experience, as well as allowing it to evolve into more productivity for our clients over time, is fundamental.

We have bespoke mentoring programs targeted to each organization’s needs based on relevant information gathered from our clients to ensure that each program will provide the most effective training possible.

SME Driven

Our strategic vision is aligned with that of developing economies and aim to increase productive activity of SME sectors in Nigeria, thus in turn creating economic gains through the development and empowerment of the SME sector which will enhance economic activities.

The benefits

  • To move business forward
    For the upcoming entrepreneurs, it give the necessary boost to move their business initiative forward.
  • Greater sense of freedom
    It gives employees a greater sense of freedom and trust than internal resources can.
  • Higher revenue
    It has shown to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce turnover, which in turn saves the organization a great deal of revenue.
  • Reduces competitive risk
    It provides an outside perspective while reducing competitive risk to your organization